Fire and Ice

Today, I decided to paint yesterdays journal sketch.  Once I started adding color - it's meaning became altogether different.  I looked at it and thought..............hmmm........ "fire and ice",    how me. 

Yesterday it was created in love and support of someone else.

Now with a bit of drama added, it expresses a whole new vibe. Don't you just love that about creating?
          A bit eccentric, but hey..........that's what makes my merry go round!!!!!!!

Express yourself

Here are two sketches I did today.  I've mentioned several times, on this blog, that I prefer journaling in pictures rather than words, and so there is alot said in these simple pen drawn portraits.
They are dedicated to someone whom I love very much, and who is desperately trying to find his way.

The colors of Springtime

This was yesterday at Butterfly World here in Ft. Lauderdale.  I had this happen twice in one day  (a butterfly landed directly on my finger).  How often do we get to whisper so closely and lovingly at these amazing creatures. Then to top that off, I was blessed to share this experience with my daughter and grandsonHe was in was I