"Meaningful Action"

COMPLACENCY...........is no longer an option!!!!
Images and quote via...http://www.anabundanceof.tumblr.com

"WHY must we forget that tomorrow is a hope, never a promise."

Saving Grace

Now as gray as an old mare
I shade the silver in my hair.
It's not shame I choose to hide,
but the carousel inside.

In this cold place
where I feel grief
stealing days……
this quiet thief.

It comes, the same
as it will go.
Exactly like
a winters snow.

Sometimes brief, and short,
and light.
At others
a blizzard
void of white.

Unexpected, unprepared;
like a child
feeling scared.

When at last the sun comes out,
roaring with its shout.

So joyful is
again that day,
I turn its way.

Towards the UP,
away from down.
Which inevitably
comes back round.

Until then
I'll dance, I'll fly
For in the end
the by, and by.

              by Gloria Martin aka barefootmuse

My rendition of Klimt's "Lady with a Muff."   Created for the Klimt challenge at The Trodden Path

Previous sketch painted with soft pastels. More color, and mosaic effect added using the Bamboo pad with Photoshop.

The Pink Bracelet

and HE wore it well!!!!  Still..... "my man" OBAMA!!!!
sketched this one during tonight's debate.  

Home Sweet Home

I'm slowly but surely settling into my new place.  I have a larger studio area, but it's an open concept, so I have to focus on keeping things neater as I work....NOT!!!!!

I've been having trouble with the internet and telephone service here, but that's OK too.  Keeps me focused on the chores that need doing.  Besides I'm not a phone person.  Would be just as content without one. ;-)

I prefer interacting face to face, which reminds me.... set up Facetime, or whatever!!!

With that said....wishing all of you..............Hippie, Happy thoughts! XOXO

Image via Hippie New Fashion on Pinterest.
29 Faces and only on number 8.  C'est la vie!
I scanned the sketch into Photoshop after a bit of colored pencil, and here it is....... as NUMBER 9!

Playing catch-up

Three sketches and still one behind!  29Faces

Number seven
Number six
You did WHAT!!!!!
Number five
Number 5 as in Channel...my fav.

Face number two

Twenty seven to go!!!

29 FACES     

Ebb and Flow

Life playing out.  Ebb and flow.   Sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes the waves are overwhelming.  It's our calling to ride them, learn to navigate, be courageous, ....have FUN.

When the waters are still....float along in a state of gratitude, study the lessons, and ready yourself for the next big one.

In the meantime....paint your board all kinds of different!!!! XO

Image of surfboard via.


29 Faces is a group I'm participating in for the entire month of September, and we are to create 29 faces.  One per day.  Any medium, style, finished or unfinished....29 faces by Sept. 30th!
With as much as I've got going on these days, this is a perfect way for me to wind down before bed.
Thanks Ayala!!!

Mondays Mermaid

My mixed media journal page completed Monday evening during storm.


Sitting quietly, listening to the torrential rain and winds produced by our most recent storm here in South Florida.  Yet I'm soothed by the sounds and sights.  Mother Nature doing her thing, as I, in her company....do mine.

Picking Berries

work in progressThe beginning of a piece I plan to paint and collage.


It's nice to be back home, but the days traveled by so quickly...I'm left with a vague sense of unreality. Yet in the surreal lies the undeniable; deep, tender, compassionate, unconditional love.  The tangible embrace filled with it's soulful, familial fragrance. One which forever endures......
and so I remain eternally grateful.
This is the only journal page I managed during my visit, but there will be many, many more pages, words, images, new roads, and venues to discover, to share... inspired mostly by the Matriarch, my devoted, beloved, Aunt Rachel.


I'll be away visiting with this incredible, amazing, loving, inspiring, aunt of mine, and so I will not be posting for the next couple of weeks.
 circa  l960's

I trust that all of you lovely folks who visit here will continue doing so once I've settled back in.

Till then wishing everyone the best!

Hot Sun in the Funner times

Work in ProgressNote: lips indicate my own tude considering how the day went!  A bit out there!!! LOL

Original sketch scanned and painted digitally in Photoshop. 

THE Man!!!!!

This ol' girl from the Bronx knows a good one, when she sees one!
and, HE's it!!!!!!!

Journal page

"I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths, and a greater fear of shallow living."
Anais Nin

This is a combo challenge...painting Frida for Gritty Jane's group, and digital manipulation using the style of Matt Cusick for the Digitalmania group......here................www.thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com

I got my MoJo workin'

I am sooooooooooooooooo busy with soooooooooo many different things that I'm having out of body experiences!! lol   I think to myself....oh, cool....that's done, and this is done, but then I realize............. I don't remember doing it.
NO GREG!!! it's NOT dimentia!!!
Anywhoooooo, it's a mother of a list, regardless, I find the time, to make time (wink) to sketch, otherwise - THEN the poo-poo will totally hit the fan!!
Here's Frida celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
Thanks Gritty Jane for the push!