Rockin Round Robin

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of Monica's, ( round robin.  There are six of us playing, and I thought I'd share a photo or two of the dolls as they rotate amongst us.

This is the beginning of my doll.  The idea is to create something new by using something old....recycling, or as Monica has aptly titled our group..."Trashing it Out."  She is now in Arizona hanging with JoAnnA.

I've been digging into my stash and finding things that are almost as old as I am!!!!!!!!!!  Hey, as they say, "everything old is new again" and ain't that the truth.

                                                        Below is Monica's doll, Circus as she arrived to me.
Talk about recycling, her head is a hollowed out light bulb, is that Kool or what!!!!!

A very blurry  (oops) photo of what Circus and I have been up to.   She had lot's to tell me; a tremendous amount of wisdom to share, and we've had a wonderful time together.