29 Faces and only on number 8.  C'est la vie!
I scanned the sketch into Photoshop after a bit of colored pencil, and here it is....... as NUMBER 9!

Playing catch-up

Three sketches and still one behind!  29Faces

Number seven
Number six
You did WHAT!!!!!
Number five
Number 5 as in Channel...my fav.

Face number two

Twenty seven to go!!!

29 FACES     

Ebb and Flow

Life playing out.  Ebb and flow.   Sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes the waves are overwhelming.  It's our calling to ride them, learn to navigate, be courageous, ....have FUN.

When the waters are still....float along in a state of gratitude, study the lessons, and ready yourself for the next big one.

In the meantime....paint your board all kinds of different!!!! XO

Image of surfboard via.


29 Faces is a group I'm participating in for the entire month of September, and we are to create 29 faces.  One per day.  Any medium, style, finished or unfinished....29 faces by Sept. 30th!
With as much as I've got going on these days, this is a perfect way for me to wind down before bed.
Thanks Ayala!!!