May this New Year ring in with celestial sounds from the music of the spheres.  May the notes provoke awe, yield fervent divinity, create enlightenment, and vibrate with infinite love and Peace for all mankind.  xo Gloria xo

"I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."

~ Walt Whitman ~

Joy to the world!!!!

My little shepherd boy singing his heart out during his first Christmas play.  I thought my own heart would burst with love, as we practiced all weekend long....and it paid off well.

"O terque quaterque beatum”
We are three or four times blessed. quote via

Let the season begin!!!!! xo

Digital Collage

This weeks challenge at Digitalmania....a collage in the style of Michelle Caplan.

This is my interpretation.  Credits on my flickr page.

Boo Ya!

What started out as a late night "face" sketch became a "skeletal" portrait done in pencil, which then became a digital journal page with some Photoshop painting and brushes worked in!
Trick or Treat?????? oooooooooooaaaahahahhahaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Not just another pretty face

I've been sketching faces for most of my life.  Our faces tell our stories, and sketching is how I express my own emotions, and philosophies. Thing is times I focus my attention on "practicing" rules, aiming for "pretty" ~ inevitably resulting in distraction from truth and purpose.  
This past month I participated in an online workshop given by Katie Kendrick where the focus is placed on intuitive creating.  NO rules!!!!!! Just simple, honest, absolute creativity. Art, is exactly that, a humble expression of the story telling within. It is the sense of lightness, the Divine euphoria achieved when the ego steps away, and all that remains is intuition, primal instinct.  "ONE"

I have never appreciated art more than during this time in my life, and I love art in every form.  Watching pieces come to life in an abstract, metaphysical, unabashed, non-judgmental fashion... liberation at it's finest!!!  Thank you my dearest Katie.

I had done this sketch many moons ago, but decided to try a new (for me) technique where I would not have to use the original piece in the work.
So I transferred it onto tissue paper, as per Katie's amazing tutorials, and tips, then transferred the transfer onto a book page.  Lot's of gel medium involved.  Once dry, I was able to paint with watercolor crayons over the piece and maintain the translucency.

Spice Island

My humble tribute to Nick Bantock, who's art and story telling mesmerize, and enchant.  He is a curator of words, of philosophy, intuition and imagination.  When you visit his world, you walk into a time machine where the mind, the senses, all become heightened, enriched. 
  Yes.... I love his work!!! Thanks to "Digitalmania" for the re-visit!

"Mary, Mary quite contrary"

Happy new week to all. I should say.........happy Tuesday, as it is exactly 12:05AM.

Looking forward to an extremely busy month ~ creatively, and otherwise.  I'm taking an on-line class with Katie Kendrick, and have joined several group challenges.

As if my life isn't challenging enough!!!!!.......all good tho!

"Mary,Mary" ~ done in the style of Eduardo Recife for the Digitalmania group on Flickr

Ooh la la

This weeks theme on Three Muses was "newspaper" print.  MY inspiration began with this gorgeous man clearly depicted in the bottom left corner page of my contribution to the challenge.  I came across his photograph somewhere on Flickr, and it was love at first sight.  Can you blame me?!!!
On the upper right hand side is a quick sketch by me, of a most appreciative woman..........enjoying the scenery.   ;-)

"Want Ad"

But, then I started to think that maybe I was being a bit improper - given it would be shared on another site; so again, using newspaper print, part of my "old" paper stash,  I played with  a more sedate photograph ....borrowed from a  home decor magazine, thus creating an entirely different image (pun intended)!!!!!!!!
"Morning Paper"

Hope you enjoy both!!!  lol     Bev, I already know likes the first one...........hehehehehe

Aquarium of thoughts

This Mornings sketch, and a little added playtime on Photoshop.
Feeling mermaid..ish ;-)

Haute head

Here is my original sketch with a bit of color and shading added, prior to scanning.

For my digitally enhanced version  I used a beautiful old paper background courtesy of Kim Klassen, and a vintage postcard to which I added text.  The hat and face I continued painting using the Photoshop Elements brushes, and my trusty little mouse.  This is when a pen tablet would come in really handy!
For more eye candy from the gals at "Three Muses"  click here.........


The theme for this weeks challenge over at is Maps.  As it so happens, this particular subject led me UP a path I've been craving to travel........inwards!!!   It's been awhile.

"A moments insight can sometimes be worth a life's experience."  Oliver Wendell Holmes

The areas around the head and arms  disappeared  between the digital layers, becoming a happy 'accident'.  I was going to touch it up, and then realized the spiritual implication.... a perfect metaphor to my contemplation ......the ego melting away in transcendence.

The lovely image of the Traditional Indian dancer is from a magazine.  The grungy bordered background frame is courtesy of skeletalmess.  The map was found on Flickr, as was the beautiful sand dune and sky texture, borrowed from Moosebite, also on Flickr.  

Calling all angels

Another week, quickly gone's Wednesday already!!!

Angels, as was this weeks theme on  inspired me to put together this piece
I did not do any original sketching on this one.  All of the credit for this gorgeous angel goes to Annie Swynerton and her painting titled "The sense of light", and the background is courtesy of the-portal-of-destiny-by-AutumsGoddess.  I used both images in Photoshop Elements, along with layers, lots of erasure,  masking, filters, etc. etc.
So much to little time.  I can devote hours on end experimenting with this digital program.  It is my good fortune to have met so many generous, incredibly creative and informative artisans via this blog.  Thank you all so very much for the inspiration.  Especially you Marie ;-)
P.S.  I'm leaving the obvious boo-boos un-retouched (fingers on left hand) more reason to practice!!! lol

I've been Zettied

Never completely happened :-(
I was in the process of assembling and sketching a Zetti collage, as was last weeks challenge on  I chose Greta Garbo as my famous person.   I too am (sometimes) affectionately called "Greta Garbo" by my loved one's..................hmmmmm, wonder why??????
Anywhoooo~on the day I began my piece, my mom had to be rushed to the hospital and required immediate surgery to remove a badly infected, pain wrenching, stone filled gallbladder.  She is doing well, and given that am I.  Never a dull moment in my life, but who's complaining.......................................
To make a long story short, I did not get to complete my very first Zetti in time - instead I played the unexpected role of Florence Nightingale.
My Momma (for whom I'll do anything) insists...I make a great nurse!!!
I'd just rather not ;-) LOL

This is my Greta sketch

This is my Greta in the process of becoming zettified.
 I will finish it sooner or later.......

Kissing her pink elephant goodbye

This is a journal page I created months ago.  I can't remember exactly why I chose to sketch a likeness of Amy Winehouse; probably listening to her amazing voice and wanted to capture some semblance of my thoughts for and of  her at the time.
Such a tremendous talent, and an even bigger loss.  Sweet dreams beautiful girl.

Orient Express

I came across this wonderful site filled with tons of fun and inspiration.  It is a weekly challenge where you create a piece of art based upon the theme for that week.  Here is the link.......  Go visit and participate.
I couldn't resist, and so here is my offering.

Today's contemplation

This is how I spent my day!
"Thirst drove me down to the water where I drank the moons reflection."  ~Rumi

Embrace your inner gypsy

I was not permitted to attend Woodstock in my early teens...and man did I try!!!  Strict (very strict) parents....not a bad thing.  I did although enjoy wearing plenty of hippie attire in those days. If the opportunity presented itself now,  for a creative, funky, camping in the woods, rockin event during these..... my baby boomer years,.......this is how I'd do it!!!!

photo's courtesy of

Think Pink

Last nights journal page, done in my usual ball point pen...
Tonight I scanned the sketch into my Photoshop Elements program so as to paint, and embellish her to my heARTs content.  Digital art is late night meditation for me.  I lose myself, and find myself , while creating............without the mess!!!! 

Gypsy woman

Canvas, paper, pencils, paint, beads, sequins, lace, fabric and thread..........oh and my prerequisite, very strong, very sweet, hot espresso coffee, first thing in the morning as I sip in contentment. Yes, voyaging through life in a magical caravan, my destiny. Somewhere different, new and exciting....everyday!!! Utopia!!!
Who could ask for more. maybe an extremely large supply of chocolate. A girl needs to eat.

Photo's courtesy of
 This face is a quick daily journal sketch (which is how I express and document the emotions, thoughts and consciousness of my day ) scanned, then layered onto a poignant photo of a stranded Polar bear found on Flickr.  I then applied brushes, filters,  textures and text so as to tell my vision.

via postal

I've had a few days completely to myself and I refuse to stop playing!!!  This one I did entirely on Photoshop using pencil brushes to sketch the eye (using my mouse) Wacom tablet I want you!!!    Then I used lots of other brushes for painting, textures, tons of layers, filters etc.

journal page

Tonights sketch with a little "digi manip" added for ooomph!!!!


Midnight journal page, "talking with my muse".  The face, I sketched and painted by hand, then scanned and digitally enhanced in Photoshop.  The background into which I "opened" a niche/ window is from Shadowhouse Creations.  The gorgeous flowers.... a still life photo I found somewhere on Flickr.

Rockin Round Robin

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of Monica's, ( round robin.  There are six of us playing, and I thought I'd share a photo or two of the dolls as they rotate amongst us.

This is the beginning of my doll.  The idea is to create something new by using something old....recycling, or as Monica has aptly titled our group..."Trashing it Out."  She is now in Arizona hanging with JoAnnA.

I've been digging into my stash and finding things that are almost as old as I am!!!!!!!!!!  Hey, as they say, "everything old is new again" and ain't that the truth.

                                                        Below is Monica's doll, Circus as she arrived to me.
Talk about recycling, her head is a hollowed out light bulb, is that Kool or what!!!!!

A very blurry  (oops) photo of what Circus and I have been up to.   She had lot's to tell me; a tremendous amount of wisdom to share, and we've had a wonderful time together.


Un cierto día le diré 
todo qué mi corazón no podría expresar.
 Mi mente por completo de la emoción, 
mi boca sin un lugar. 
El recordar diario la hora, 
y anhelante de volver. 
De donde vine y a donde llegaré.

             ~Gloria Martin

Someday I'll tell you everything my heART could not express.
        My mind full of emotion, my mouth without a home.
Remembering, every day,  that place,  so wistful to return.
 From where I came, and to where I shall arrive.

Speaking from my heART

To those of you familiar with the very sad plight of little Victor Barahona, his sister Nubia, and their two other adopted siblings, please offer up a prayer for them.

MOURNING has broken

My homage to a new year.  An original sketch, hand painted on canvas using acrylics. I scanned the painting into photoshop and digitally manipulated the texture using  filters.   The bird is a png. I found on Flickr, and the soft background of tiny stars....thanks to......Joessistah.

Sisters of Perpetual Mischief

When I'm bad, I'm bad..., but, when I'm good, I'm better.~Mae West

Rachel's Meditation

Rachel is the name of my darling, most beloved Aunt, and with whom I speak by telephone on almost a daily basis, but always, constantly, through my mind and heart.   She is far away in miles, a recent but necessary relocation.  It is the first time in my life that I've lived more than just minutes away from her, and I miss her terribly.

So tonight, I serendipitously found these soothing words courtesy of Jane Cather through her amazing web site, and I truly hope Jane does not mind that I’ve borrowed them for awhile, as they describe exactly what my Auntie Rachel’s love and energy  mean to me. 

Rachel's Meditation
The energy of my garden plants can support my body. I can lie down on this energy bed just above the plants. As I look down into the plant bed I begin to heal.

Le Jardin

Cultivating a garden of creativity in my minds eye. express these figurative flowers through my hands.