I had done this sketch many moons ago, but decided to try a new (for me) technique where I would not have to use the original piece in the work.
So I transferred it onto tissue paper, as per Katie's amazing tutorials, and tips, then transferred the transfer onto a book page.  Lot's of gel medium involved.  Once dry, I was able to paint with watercolor crayons over the piece and maintain the translucency.

Spice Island

My humble tribute to Nick Bantock, who's art and story telling mesmerize, and enchant.  He is a curator of words, of philosophy, intuition and imagination.  When you visit his world, you walk into a time machine where the mind, the senses, all become heightened, enriched. 
  Yes.... I love his work!!! Thanks to "Digitalmania" for the re-visit!

"Mary, Mary quite contrary"

Happy new week to all. I should say.........happy Tuesday, as it is exactly 12:05AM.

Looking forward to an extremely busy month ~ creatively, and otherwise.  I'm taking an on-line class with Katie Kendrick, and have joined several group challenges.

As if my life isn't challenging enough!!!!!.......all good tho!

"Mary,Mary" ~ done in the style of Eduardo Recife for the Digitalmania group on Flickr