Mondays Mermaid

My mixed media journal page completed Monday evening during storm.


Sitting quietly, listening to the torrential rain and winds produced by our most recent storm here in South Florida.  Yet I'm soothed by the sounds and sights.  Mother Nature doing her thing, as I, in her mine.

Picking Berries

work in progressThe beginning of a piece I plan to paint and collage.


It's nice to be back home, but the days traveled by so quickly...I'm left with a vague sense of unreality. Yet in the surreal lies the undeniable; deep, tender, compassionate, unconditional love.  The tangible embrace filled with it's soulful, familial fragrance. One which forever endures......
and so I remain eternally grateful.
This is the only journal page I managed during my visit, but there will be many, many more pages, words, images, new roads, and venues to discover, to share... inspired mostly by the Matriarch, my devoted, beloved, Aunt Rachel.


I'll be away visiting with this incredible, amazing, loving, inspiring, aunt of mine, and so I will not be posting for the next couple of weeks.
 circa  l960's

I trust that all of you lovely folks who visit here will continue doing so once I've settled back in.

Till then wishing everyone the best!