Digital Collage

This weeks challenge at Digitalmania....a collage in the style of Michelle Caplan.

This is my interpretation.  Credits on my flickr page.

Boo Ya!

What started out as a late night "face" sketch became a "skeletal" portrait done in pencil, which then became a digital journal page with some Photoshop painting and brushes worked in!
Trick or Treat?????? oooooooooooaaaahahahhahaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Not just another pretty face

I've been sketching faces for most of my life.  Our faces tell our stories, and sketching is how I express my own emotions, and philosophies. Thing is times I focus my attention on "practicing" rules, aiming for "pretty" ~ inevitably resulting in distraction from truth and purpose.  
This past month I participated in an online workshop given by Katie Kendrick where the focus is placed on intuitive creating.  NO rules!!!!!! Just simple, honest, absolute creativity. Art, is exactly that, a humble expression of the story telling within. It is the sense of lightness, the Divine euphoria achieved when the ego steps away, and all that remains is intuition, primal instinct.  "ONE"

I have never appreciated art more than during this time in my life, and I love art in every form.  Watching pieces come to life in an abstract, metaphysical, unabashed, non-judgmental fashion... liberation at it's finest!!!  Thank you my dearest Katie.