Fuego #2 in series

I"ve once again used the torso (below) in this piece; "fuego" #2 in the series. Below are scans of my personal art works.... used in combination with several gradient levels, backgrounds,  hues in blue, gray and sepia tones, effects, along with lots of burning via the dodge tool.
I have been invited to participate in an Artists Trading Card swap, and am leaning towards this one as my contribution, with still more handwork to be applied, for additional dimension.

I must thank JoesSistah  for the use of her turquoise background, which I implemented in order to create the illusion of a dress with texture. The background titled "Smoke" 0117-3-L, also courtesy of Flickr.

*The two backgrounds above....."Reflections", and "Conversations with God" are my own.

This female form (face and torso) is a photocopy of the one I created for my "Conversations with God"
piece; which I donated to the Pink Artists Charity event.  I've recycled it to fit into this digital collage - that still needs tons of work.....aside from the obvious feathering of edges ;-))

The wings and the background stage textures are from Flickr, thanks to Playing with brushes.  Thank you PWB xoxo

My Andy Warhol take on todays sketch.  Posterized, and painted..... all done digitally.

Gitana 2

I scanned my Gitana mixed media painting into the PSE8 program.  I then applied layers with background textures, some brushwork, levels, and the doge tool to create a burned and aged edge to the piece.
The background layers are courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations, as follows....
Anarchy 2
Cracked Mask
The frame was found on Flickr.....one which I failed to label.  So sorry about that, but thank you sincerely.

I've been playing with my 'Wallflower' sketch again using different background techniques. Everyday something new registers (thanks Marie),  akin to a light-bulb turning on in my brain, but it takes lots of practice, and patience. For instance,  the clock on the wall.........should have been added prior to the crackling, and antiquing.  But that is a welcomed oversight; now I need to do it over again - so more practice.

*Most importantly.!.!..!.   I must remember to include the names of those most generous artisans who lend their free backgrounds on Flickr.  Unfortunately when I download them, that information is not automatically saved. I have to remember to go back, find each, and label. I become so deeply involved during the creative process, so much so that my organizational skills, and protocol are completely forgotten.  Ooops :-/

Therefore, since the window and the clock are not originally mine:  My sincerest appreciation to ALL who took the time to share.  I will find you, and share with you what I've done with your art.


Another week gone by......oh goody!  Always something new to look forward too.  I'm just having myself a blast!!!!
Here is another digital experiment.  It combines my recent "Industrial strength" sketch (hidden way in the background,) and several layers borrowed from Shadowhouse Creations.  He offers tons of free textures and inpiration.  His information is on the right hand side of this page.  Just click on the button.

FYI....Marie Otero is offering her Digital Magic class again in August. For those of you who missed this first one..........  I would recommend you RUN, not walk to sign up.  She presents an overabundance......(I mean that in the highest of compliments) of knowledge, techniques, and her undivided personal attention, during this 6 week session.

As for myself, I have no doubt that this newly acquired form of expression will open many creative doors for me. 

My dear girl,

are you the Lion or the Lamb????   Well, my daughter has finally dragged me into the Vampire craze.  I've only just begun to read the first book, Twilight.  I'm quite sure I will NOT become a TWI-hard, but it's a good read just before turning out the lights. 
Wouldn't you know ~ during my journal sketching I channeled something/someone, from Forks, and here she is in all her splendor......."My dear girl"