Gitana 2

I scanned my Gitana mixed media painting into the PSE8 program.  I then applied layers with background textures, some brushwork, levels, and the doge tool to create a burned and aged edge to the piece.
The background layers are courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations, as follows....
Anarchy 2
Cracked Mask
The frame was found on which I failed to label.  So sorry about that, but thank you sincerely.


Ali said...

Hi there Gloria :)
"Gitana" came out beautiful! And the digital effects you gave her are very cool!
Have a great day!

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Tonight, I have been enjoying studying your art and getting to know you...this is, I think, my favorite. She is a gentle daydream you have beautifully put to 'paper'!