I've been playing with my 'Wallflower' sketch again using different background techniques. Everyday something new registers (thanks Marie),  akin to a light-bulb turning on in my brain, but it takes lots of practice, and patience. For instance,  the clock on the wall.........should have been added prior to the crackling, and antiquing.  But that is a welcomed oversight; now I need to do it over again - so more practice.

*Most importantly.!.!..!.   I must remember to include the names of those most generous artisans who lend their free backgrounds on Flickr.  Unfortunately when I download them, that information is not automatically saved. I have to remember to go back, find each, and label. I become so deeply involved during the creative process, so much so that my organizational skills, and protocol are completely forgotten.  Ooops :-/

Therefore, since the window and the clock are not originally mine:  My sincerest appreciation to ALL who took the time to share.  I will find you, and share with you what I've done with your art.

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~ Beth said...

Hi Gloria, This piece is really interesting and I like the crackle background you used. You are so right about practice, practice and practice some more. I have not been practicing enough lately and am in a frustrated place...you on the other hand are doing absolutely GREAT.