Wall Flower

As I've mentioned numerous times on this blog....I journal in pictures for the most part.    Sketching for me is a means of relaxation, meditation, purging, blissing out.........   If ailing, it's my spa, my shangrila,  and my cure. This simple act renders me whole.
It is in actuality, as reminded to me ~ by a new friend, the most ancient, and primitive form of language.  So whether it be good art, or bad art, what's most valuable, is that the creator is communicating to their very own soul in this universal, omnipotent  tongue .  Personal, and social judgment mostly falls away.  The cherry on top of all of this.......the 'humble' possibility that....someday, somewhere, someone will interpret,  reinterpret, understand and be inspired by sharing in these personal, simple renderings done in pencil with a bit of color...."stories."

"HIStory,.....HERstory, then and now, parallel messengers.

Of late, I've been blessed with the opportunity to begin learning more modern technology through my friends on the Internet, and oh my.....what a world it has opened up to me.  Thank you all!!!

In any event....... here's more evidence of yesterdays visual "soul" conversations with myself.
Oh, and these sketches are drawn directly into my journal book, then scanned from there, and enhanced using those same original, unedited images. Again, primitive in method, but that's how I like it as well.

True grit

.A journal sketch I've titled "Industrial Strength"..............for many reasons!!!!!!.  The before.. Top photo.
Industrial Strength.........after... applying sepia tones and texture layers.

Free spirit

Attempting to loosen up!!!  The minute the paint brush goes in my hand I freeze. I suppose it's partially due to 12 years of Catholic school....I feel as though the Nun is still standing over me holding the ruler in her hand ready to strike at my knuckles, and that was just for penmanship!!!!!! :-/
fugettaboutit!!!!!!!! ;-))

And a big shout out to "gypsy purple".   Thank you so very much for your comment,  and your generous mention of me along with the photo/link of my Gitana on your beautiful blog.  
To those of you,  like me, who love it all, and lean towards the bohemian side of life, take a few minutes to visit gypsy. Loads of inspiration and great links.
Thanks again ....my kindred spirit!!!!! 

BLACK......fit to be.........TIDE

Getting out  my frustrations, so forgive the redundant theme, but I MUST express, lest we forget!

Tomorrow I'll attempt more color.