Think Pink

Last nights journal page, done in my usual ball point pen...
Tonight I scanned the sketch into my Photoshop Elements program so as to paint, and embellish her to my heARTs content.  Digital art is late night meditation for me.  I lose myself, and find myself , while creating............without the mess!!!! 

Gypsy woman

Canvas, paper, pencils, paint, beads, sequins, lace, fabric and thread..........oh and my prerequisite, very strong, very sweet, hot espresso coffee, first thing in the morning as I sip in contentment. Yes, voyaging through life in a magical caravan, my destiny. Somewhere different, new and exciting....everyday!!! Utopia!!!
Who could ask for more. maybe an extremely large supply of chocolate. A girl needs to eat.

Photo's courtesy of
 This face is a quick daily journal sketch (which is how I express and document the emotions, thoughts and consciousness of my day ) scanned, then layered onto a poignant photo of a stranded Polar bear found on Flickr.  I then applied brushes, filters,  textures and text so as to tell my vision.

via postal

I've had a few days completely to myself and I refuse to stop playing!!!  This one I did entirely on Photoshop using pencil brushes to sketch the eye (using my mouse) Wacom tablet I want you!!!    Then I used lots of other brushes for painting, textures, tons of layers, filters etc.

journal page

Tonights sketch with a little "digi manip" added for ooomph!!!!


Midnight journal page, "talking with my muse".  The face, I sketched and painted by hand, then scanned and digitally enhanced in Photoshop.  The background into which I "opened" a niche/ window is from Shadowhouse Creations.  The gorgeous flowers.... a still life photo I found somewhere on Flickr.