MOURNING has broken

My homage to a new year.  An original sketch, hand painted on canvas using acrylics. I scanned the painting into photoshop and digitally manipulated the texture using  filters.   The bird is a png. I found on Flickr, and the soft background of tiny stars....thanks to......Joessistah.

Sisters of Perpetual Mischief

When I'm bad, I'm bad..., but, when I'm good, I'm better.~Mae West

Rachel's Meditation

Rachel is the name of my darling, most beloved Aunt, and with whom I speak by telephone on almost a daily basis, but always, constantly, through my mind and heart.   She is far away in miles, a recent but necessary relocation.  It is the first time in my life that I've lived more than just minutes away from her, and I miss her terribly.

So tonight, I serendipitously found these soothing words courtesy of Jane Cather through her amazing web site, and I truly hope Jane does not mind that I’ve borrowed them for awhile, as they describe exactly what my Auntie Rachel’s love and energy  mean to me. 

Rachel's Meditation
The energy of my garden plants can support my body. I can lie down on this energy bed just above the plants. As I look down into the plant bed I begin to heal.

Le Jardin

Cultivating a garden of creativity in my minds eye. express these figurative flowers through my hands.


"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant" ~~~
Robert Louis Stevenson

Dear Lord……..I pray to thee on this, and everyday hereafter, for a green thumb ;-)