This piece is the very first one I shared when I began this blog.

It has been a couple of weeks since I've had time to devote to simple creativity, and I needed a I took out some old, old, pieces that I've never completed hoping for inspiration.

This particular one,  Faith, I began seven years ago, and will always be my favorite.  All original, all hand done, beaded, embroidered, and each flower individually made using silk ribbons.

Thought I would share in memory of someone very special!!!!

Still a work in progress.

My Guardian Angel


Dear friends, and family,

For those of you who knew my precious Aunt Rachel I want to share the memory of her with you.

She was a blessing in all of our lives, during all of her life.  

In my very own, she was, is, and will always be.....the Sun, the Moon, and my ever present guiding light.

Nov. 16th, 1929 ~ July 11th, 2014
The background and lips are painted in acrylics....mixing up a poppy color .  The face and hair is simply pencil. Still deciding how it will evolve.  Just paint, or mixed media????
Just pencil and paper tonight.  Had to calm myself while watching Hockey.......go RANGERS!!!!!


Today I attempted my first face painting using nothing but watercolors.  I always work in mixed media using mostly acrylics, gesso, and marking pens.

Well....I am now enamored with this medium.  The biggest challenge was trying to keep the white areas from mixing with the colors.

Other than that it is a very liberating, relaxing, enjoyable technique.  I'm hooked!!!

A very proud grandmother

Our little "abstract thinker" won 2nd place in his School's Art contest. A budding Matisse protege...perhaps??? Definitely wise, loving and sensitive well beyond his 8 years. I am as proud,as he is excited!!!!

The school was so very generous to have had his painting professionally framed.  Thank you "All Saints."


I hung my ego out to dry,
forgetting it was there.

Sitting naked in the sun,
wearing nothing but spirit,

I became clothed in truth,
the blissfullness of love.

the gentlest breeze kissed my face,
whispering, as I inhaled.

It bathed my senses,
soaking the very pores of my soul.

The infinite, undeniable, all Knowing,
memory of home.

The fragrance of heaven,
my mother.

Gloria Martin 

waaaaayyyy back, and around again

My daughter has me going through all of my old photographs for "Throwback Thursdays" on Facebook, and I just came across these of myself.  They were taken back in the late 80's when I was working as a display designer for a large Arts and Crafts Corp.

Wow...a bit over 25 years ago!  In the blink of an eye!!!
Here I am on the 20 ft. ladder I would haul around in order to climb up and place the designs I'd completed onto the end-caps.
Here is another - where I took a cardboard box, sketched, and painted the faces, then cut around to fit the shirts onto.  Wearable art was BIG then, and I had the best time with it. I worked my booty off, as is obvious looking at the seat of my pants in the photo, but anytime you do what you love it seldom feels like work.  Thank goodness, cause this company paid a pittance.

Why I found these photo's so apropos on this particular day is because just yesterday I was looking at a recent fashion magazine, and was delighted to see that once again...ART......portraiture in fact, is front and center on much of the clothing, and accessories.   

Wearable art resurrected, funky, fun street fashion, and a coup for designers in today's world; at least in my opinion.  A few pics from the catwalks.........via google.
Like they say......"everything old is new again" wonderful!!!!

Slow but sure

Adding layers little by little.  Cezanne used oils...quite thickly.  My paint is thin otherwise it dried out immediately, so I'm adding gesso in between for texture.

Here is tonight's work.
still much, much more to do.......

Love these rainy days

Today I've spent the entire day home, and what did I do?????  Played on Pinterest.  At least I managed a small sketch just to flex my muscle, but the brain still remains comatose, refusing to help me paint.'s the sketch I did.  (can't waste an entire day creatively avoiding the canvas:-)

It is based on Picasso's "Francoise Gilot."

Now, time for dinner, a sip(s) of red wine..............then maybe........maybe..............I'll attempt to add some color to this glorious, relaxing, rainy day!

Matisse, Gaudi, Cezanne, and six more to go YAY

I did not get the chance to paint today, but I did re-watch the videos by Junelle on the Masters course.

If I haven't stated it enough already, I will again.....this online course is undoubtedly well beyond anything I could have expected.

AND...there are still six weeks left!!!  I love it!!!!!!

Here is the link again for those of you interested....

Treat yourself!

this week Cezanne

I've yet to attempt anything by Gaudi, although I am infatuated, and intrigued.  His designs are amazing, but way to complex for me to even begin a sketch.  I will though.

This week we're studying Paul Cezanne.  I decided to try to recreate his "Tulips with Apples" painting.  I shall be working on this one for awhile.

It is my first still life in the style of any of the Masters, so keep this in mind....please................ ;)

Here is Paul Cezanne's painting

Here is my beginning sketch of said painting....

laying in some color

Some more paint, prior to tuning up the colors, and this is where I stop for today!

Looking forward to another huge chunk of time tomorrow to continue with this piece. 

Tete de Femme

Here is a photo of Matisse's original, and a photo of how far I've gone with mine.  I added, then removed the pattern twice.....I think I prefer without.

Happy 2014

As the old adage goes..........better late than never! Happy New Year everyone!!!

I am beginning this year with my focus on being more creative, and I chose an exceptional venue to start with... "Studying Under the Masters.".

This first week has been more than fabulous.  I highly recommend this course so far.  Jeanne Oliver is quite impressive as an artist and teacher, starting her week by sharing the techniques of Henri Matisse.  Liberating to say the least.

I'm posting a photo or two, or three...detailing the works in progress as I sketch, and paint on my studio table. Dreaming all the while that I am sitting in one of his amazing creations, partaking of his skills, while lavishing in his perspective.

 and yes, I cleaned off my work table prior to taking the pics. ;-)

The larger painting I am going to title "Bohemian Rhapsody" as that is how Matisse's work makes me feel.  I'm excited about choosing the colors and patterns I'll be painting on this one.  The face, is my  sketched interpretation of his "Tete de Femme, Fleurs dans les Cheveaux (Head of a woman, flowers in hair) c. 1920.

I will do as Matisse, and take photo's of each piece in progress; since - as is with most things - they change radically during the creative process, making for wonderful observations, and learning throughout.