this week Cezanne

I've yet to attempt anything by Gaudi, although I am infatuated, and intrigued.  His designs are amazing, but way to complex for me to even begin a sketch.  I will though.

This week we're studying Paul Cezanne.  I decided to try to recreate his "Tulips with Apples" painting.  I shall be working on this one for awhile.

It is my first still life in the style of any of the Masters, so keep this in mind....please................ ;)

Here is Paul Cezanne's painting

Here is my beginning sketch of said painting....

laying in some color

Some more paint, prior to tuning up the colors, and this is where I stop for today!

Looking forward to another huge chunk of time tomorrow to continue with this piece. 

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MeOfCourse said...

You are doing wonderful. Love your versions.