Happy 2014

As the old adage goes..........better late than never! Happy New Year everyone!!!

I am beginning this year with my focus on being more creative, and I chose an exceptional venue to start with... "Studying Under the Masters.".

This first week has been more than fabulous.  I highly recommend this course so far.  Jeanne Oliver is quite impressive as an artist and teacher, starting her week by sharing the techniques of Henri Matisse.  Liberating to say the least.

I'm posting a photo or two, or three...detailing the works in progress as I sketch, and paint on my studio table. Dreaming all the while that I am sitting in one of his amazing creations, partaking of his skills, while lavishing in his perspective.

 and yes, I cleaned off my work table prior to taking the pics. ;-)

The larger painting I am going to title "Bohemian Rhapsody" as that is how Matisse's work makes me feel.  I'm excited about choosing the colors and patterns I'll be painting on this one.  The face, is my  sketched interpretation of his "Tete de Femme, Fleurs dans les Cheveaux (Head of a woman, flowers in hair) c. 1920.

I will do as Matisse, and take photo's of each piece in progress; since - as is with most things - they change radically during the creative process, making for wonderful observations, and learning throughout.

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