Ooh la la

This weeks theme on Three Muses was "newspaper" print.  MY inspiration began with this gorgeous man clearly depicted in the bottom left corner page of my contribution to the challenge.  I came across his photograph somewhere on Flickr, and it was love at first sight.  Can you blame me?!!!
On the upper right hand side is a quick sketch by me, of a most appreciative woman..........enjoying the scenery.   ;-)

"Want Ad"

But, then I started to think that maybe I was being a bit improper - given it would be shared on another site; so again, using newspaper print, part of my "old" paper stash,  I played with  a more sedate photograph ....borrowed from a  home decor magazine, thus creating an entirely different image (pun intended)!!!!!!!!
"Morning Paper"

Hope you enjoy both!!!  lol     Bev, I already know likes the first one...........hehehehehe

Aquarium of thoughts

This Mornings sketch, and a little added playtime on Photoshop.
Feeling mermaid..ish ;-)

Haute head

Here is my original sketch with a bit of color and shading added, prior to scanning.

For my digitally enhanced version  I used a beautiful old paper background courtesy of Kim Klassen, and a vintage postcard to which I added text.  The hat and face I continued painting using the Photoshop Elements brushes, and my trusty little mouse.  This is when a pen tablet would come in really handy!
For more eye candy from the gals at "Three Muses"  click here.........http://thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com


The theme for this weeks challenge over at thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com is Maps.  As it so happens, this particular subject led me UP a path I've been craving to travel........inwards!!!   It's been awhile.

"A moments insight can sometimes be worth a life's experience."  Oliver Wendell Holmes

The areas around the head and arms  disappeared  between the digital layers, becoming a happy 'accident'.  I was going to touch it up, and then realized the spiritual implication.... a perfect metaphor to my contemplation ......the ego melting away in transcendence.

The lovely image of the Traditional Indian dancer is from a magazine.  The grungy bordered background frame is courtesy of skeletalmess.  The map was found on Flickr, as was the beautiful sand dune and sky texture, borrowed from Moosebite, also on Flickr.  

Calling all angels

Another week, quickly gone by....it's Wednesday already!!!

Angels, as was this weeks theme on http://thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com/  inspired me to put together this piece
I did not do any original sketching on this one.  All of the credit for this gorgeous angel goes to Annie Swynerton and her painting titled "The sense of light", and the background is courtesy of the-portal-of-destiny-by-AutumsGoddess.  I used both images in Photoshop Elements, along with layers, lots of erasure,  masking, filters, etc. etc.
So much to learn........so little time.  I can devote hours on end experimenting with this digital program.  It is my good fortune to have met so many generous, incredibly creative and informative artisans via this blog.  Thank you all so very much for the inspiration.  Especially you Marie ;-)
P.S.  I'm leaving the obvious boo-boos un-retouched (fingers on left hand) more reason to practice!!! lol