Fuego #2 in series

I"ve once again used the torso (below) in this piece; "fuego" #2 in the series. Below are scans of my personal art works.... used in combination with several gradient levels, backgrounds,  hues in blue, gray and sepia tones, effects, along with lots of burning via the dodge tool.
I have been invited to participate in an Artists Trading Card swap, and am leaning towards this one as my contribution, with still more handwork to be applied, for additional dimension.

I must thank JoesSistah  for the use of her turquoise background, which I implemented in order to create the illusion of a dress with texture. The background titled "Smoke" 0117-3-L, also courtesy of Flickr.

*The two backgrounds above....."Reflections", and "Conversations with God" are my own.


Ali said...

This is really nice and will look amazing as an ATC!

wanda miller said...

HOT MAMA!!! xoxoxox