Writing from my soul

It's been awhile, I know.  The hours in the days have seamlessly melded into weeks as I continue to enjoy the simpler things in life.  Family, friends, new babies to cuddle, creativity.  Freshly made Pizza's, my cousins homemade pastries, laughter, and even a few tears..... mostly those that come from joy.

I'll share todays journaling here, with you.  Rather than a sketch, I wrote....(it's actually more of a prayer) which I often times do, and more often than not, it takes on a life of it's own. hmmmmmm

Seasons of my Life

Nearing the end of summers youth I learn,
I’ve blossomed, grown. 
I’ve eagerly turned my face towards the sun.  
Smiling eyes, wide open.  My flesh-exchanging fragrances with that of the earth.  Inhaling, exhaling... each breath with unabashed greed.

Now, joyfully approaching the next cycle, I begin
the third quadrant of my well seasoned life.
In essence, similar to that of a freshly made dough. Able to rest gently inside a lovingly carved wooden bowl, rising slowly, like a beautiful harvest moon.
The Fall of my life, the rise of my life, the rest of my life.

Full, round, resplendent in it’s glow, casting prayer and praise,  while feeding multitudes through intention.

Yet... like the grand Oak tree,  I watch in awe as my leaves, still saturated with life, flutter to the ground, hugging at it’s roots. Exposing vein like limbs that tremble with excitement...while colors change from vibrant green to red. From gold, and russet to violet, then,  finally, skeletal silver.  Imitating the glistening gray silken strands of hair reflecting back those same colors~like a mirror to the soul.

In the vulnerability of those naked branches I come to know God.

And yes, through the weather of life, I remain.  From clay, to dust,
my spirit safely nurtured inside the immortality of my soil, experiencing divinity. Infinitely - as intended.    
Breathing love in accordance with nature, mankind, spirit, and the million other forms we do not yet recognize as one with the other.

I bare it all,  resplendent.  Moving between solace and anticipation.
Understanding how much more there is;        
even unto my winter, and thereafter.

Gloria Martin  8/29/2010

I dedicate this to my Aunt Gladys, who just yesterday journeyed a peaceful transition from this world into the next.  During that miraculous space in time, she touched my soul, even in the absence of my conscious knowledge, as I sat writing this piece~ peace~ prayer..



I saw your comment on Fashion's Most Wanted, one of my favorite girls on Earth, the beautiful Christina. What you wrote about crafting jewelry interested me as I, too, am a jewelry designer from Houston. So, I hopped to your blog to say hi, and what I have just read is so beautiful, so moving & so intelligent I am completely in awe of your talent. We must become friends...& I would so like to introduce you to my friends at my place if you don't mind? xx's


So sorry, I saw your comment at Gypsy Purple.

wanda miller said...

you gave me love previous to this
you sent me affirmations
you bared your heart, your soul...
returned such good and positive thoughts and ideas for me...
well doll face...now you've done it, you made me cry again...beautiful tears...heartfelt tears, tears of endearment..you are a ceaseless wonder...these words of yours, i cannont title except that they are so so moving, deep, loving, lovely, inner beauty
i love you miss fine person! xoxo

joanne said...

oh Gloria... there aren't words to add to these. They stand with so much majesty on their own. I can only thank you for sharing them and allowing us to bask in the lover of your beautiful heart and the light of your amazing soul.

i love you...