Un cierto día le diré 
todo qué mi corazón no podría expresar.
 Mi mente por completo de la emoción, 
mi boca sin un lugar. 
El recordar diario la hora, 
y anhelante de volver. 
De donde vine y a donde llegaré.

             ~Gloria Martin

Someday I'll tell you everything my heART could not express.
        My mind full of emotion, my mouth without a home.
Remembering, every day,  that place,  so wistful to return.
 From where I came, and to where I shall arrive.


Elena and Russ said...

Wonderful portrait, beautiful words...
I wish I could listen to your stories...

Gloria said...

Beautiful portrait and your words are just awesome. Came here via girl gone thread wild. Glad I did, I like your blog and we have the same name G L O R I A! :) Take care and I will return to visit.