I got my MoJo workin'

I am sooooooooooooooooo busy with soooooooooo many different things that I'm having out of body experiences!! lol   I think to myself....oh, cool....that's done, and this is done, but then I realize............. I don't remember doing it.
NO GREG!!! it's NOT dimentia!!!
Anywhoooooo, it's a mother of a list, regardless, I find the time, to make time (wink) to sketch, otherwise - THEN the poo-poo will totally hit the fan!!
Here's Frida celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
Thanks Gritty Jane for the push!


wanda miller said...

LOVE her...only you can do this and make it look soooo goood! love you xox

barefoot muse said...

Thank you my dearest Wanda! XO