Holiday greetings

I cannot believe another holiday season is once again upon us. I'm not complaining. I'm rejoicing!!!
Things just keep getting better and better.
My daughter amazes me with her culinary and hostessing skills. My grandson.........what can I say here, there are no words. He's almost four years old now, and going on forty. Cracks me up like no one else can (except for his mother, and my physck cuz Greg). My little boy's sense of humor is astonishing. I suppose it runs in the family.

No matter what else is going on around me, or happening to me, they make my life an ongoing celebration.

I wish this for all of you out there, an elixir to cure all...............lots of joy, health, peace and tons of laughter.!!

Keep you heART open.


wanda miller said...

gloria, this is an absolutely beautiful post! xo wanda

Gloria Martin said...
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wanda miller said...

ahh, gloria, you are so very welcome. and that makes me feel so warm and loved having a special place in your home. xo