Sketching, sketching, and more sketching

I'm in portrait workshop heaven.  The talent in this class is mind boggling.  I could easily allow myself to feel intimidated, but instead I'm feeling totally inspired. I started sketching while I was quite young, but never learned the proper techniques, and, or about all the different types of pencils and papers. Well I'm learning that now, or shall I say.....trying!!!!
Misty has opened up a humongous vault of knowledge to us, and has presented quite the challenge as well. I can't thank her enough.
Who would have thought that shading and shadowing would pose such a query, but indeed it has for me. The right side of my brain wants to shut down every time I get my lighting just so.

Here are a few photo's of my feeble attempts.  I know, I know..... it looks as though she has some swelling over her right eye.

Now for my egg.............or should I say egg on my face?????  This is Egglands Best -  in the raw.

This is my attempt at sketching it

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