Going through old photographs and sitting here amidst a million wonderful memories, as I listen to Christmas carols......oh wait..........I'm missing the hot Chocolate, or should I make it a Hot Toddy????  Either, or, ~ ideal, considering the fact that it is 50 degrees or below here in sunny south FLorida........yikes!!!!  I love it.
It totally gets me into the holiday spirit as is evident here in this photo of my little girl, taken in 1976, and a scan of an embroidered piece I've been working on today - a copy of her first letter to Santa, written by Stacey herself in 1978.  She was barely four years old and so was still confusing her N's and M's.   Sorry Santa.

Today she's a mommy encouraging her own child to write his first Christmas letter. The only difference is...... his list is already TWO pages long!!!! 


wanda miller said...

What a good idea...i may do the same with our daughter's first letter. Forever in cloth...precious post my friend! xo

wanda miller said...

it was so great to have you visit and thank you, gloria for all the wonderful comments!...just in case i forget before christmas, forgive me in advance...merry christmas, doll face, i really love you! xoxo