........and I'm feelin good!!!!!

I'm posting two quick sketches, both done during this first week of the New Year.  I wasn't thinking about anything in particular while drawing either one - or so I assumed - but after some introspection, and the serendipitous quote I stumbled upon quickly thereafter.......... I realized I could fill five books worth of journal pages, simply from the unconscious contemplation that manifested itself so primitively in these sketches!!!!

sketch #1
  sketch #2

here is the quote....

Consciousness: The Black Hole of Neuroscience

"The simplest description of a black hole is a region of space-time from which no light is reflected and nothing escapes. The simplest description of consciousness is a mind that absorbs many things and attends to a few of them. Neither of these concepts can be captured quantitatively. Together they suggest the appealing possibility that endlessness surrounds us and infinity is within."
Megan Erickson 

It's gonna be a great year!!!!!!


wanda miller said...

YES a great year...and you started off with a bang...just LOVE this post and that you shared your unconcious conciousness! xo

barefoot muse said...

Wanda, you always manage to crack me up!!! Sooooooooo love that about you! xo