The best things in life are free

....or almost.  Something as simple as a pencil to journal, and or sketch with provides so much entertainment, pleasure, relaxation, comfort.  For now, most of my art supplies are neatly put away, waiting to be, relocated and reorganized, but as long as I have my pencil, paper, and an eraser...I'm a happy camper!!!


wanda miller said...

are you relocating to another room, house or world...gimme' a clue! :))
i like your sketch even better than the photo, love yours! xo

joanne said...

this is so amazing... In your sketch she is gazing into forever... I agree with Wanda... it's a lovely photo, but your sketch is beyond amazing.

barefoot muse said...

My two bestest buds!!! You always lift me up....oh and Wanda.........the gypsy in me is at it again. ;-)