oil and acrylics

Here is a perfect example of what NOT to do when using mixed media.  Oil, and acrylics do not play well together.  I'm not sure what I used during the collage process, as I was in that euphoric state of creativity,  grabbing for anything and everything.

Finally, after the third or fourth application of paint, and glue, I submitted to the fact that nothing was adhering, including.....the deeper lesson (?)

So...   I washed off the layers  losing much of the water color paper, along with many pieces of collage, but salvaging what I needed! (thanks for the fabulous tip my dearest Misty)
Then decided to share this mess as the perfect model of the aphorism.."art imitating life,"

Ahhhhhh........ therein lies the lesson.   Don't give up!!!! ;-) XOXO'ssssssssss


denthe said...

Ow, that's quite a lesson .... I still love her though, she looks like she's been through a lot but still survived!

Gloria in CA said...

I love this piece too. Great work. At first I though it was part of the work itself. Either way, it looks great! Thanks for sharing.

barefoot muse said...

Thanks ladies!!! I think I'll leave her mostly as she is ...maybe just accentuating a bit here, and there!
I truly appreciate your feedback.

Anonymous said...
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wanda miller said...

i was thinking the same as the other ladies, df! thank you for sharing, many would not be willing to do so. she is BEAUTIFUL! xo