waaaaayyyy back, and around again

My daughter has me going through all of my old photographs for "Throwback Thursdays" on Facebook, and I just came across these of myself.  They were taken back in the late 80's when I was working as a display designer for a large Arts and Crafts Corp.

Wow...a bit over 25 years ago!  In the blink of an eye!!!
Here I am on the 20 ft. ladder I would haul around in order to climb up and place the designs I'd completed onto the end-caps.
Here is another - where I took a cardboard box, sketched, and painted the faces, then cut around to fit the shirts onto.  Wearable art was BIG then, and I had the best time with it. I worked my booty off, as is obvious looking at the seat of my pants in the photo, but anytime you do what you love it seldom feels like work.  Thank goodness, cause this company paid a pittance.

Why I found these photo's so apropos on this particular day is because just yesterday I was looking at a recent fashion magazine, and was delighted to see that once again...ART......portraiture in fact, is front and center on much of the clothing, and accessories.   

Wearable art resurrected, funky, fun street fashion, and a coup for designers in today's world; at least in my opinion.  A few pics from the catwalks.........via google.
Like they say......"everything old is new again"..............how wonderful!!!!


wanda miller said...

a VIEW of the real YOU...artist of the heart, full circle! xo

Gloria Martin said...

Thanks lovey! I think of you always with lots of love, and good wishes.xo