My Guardian Angel


Dear friends, and family,

For those of you who knew my precious Aunt Rachel I want to share the memory of her with you.

She was a blessing in all of our lives, during all of her life.  

In my very own, she was, is, and will always be.....the Sun, the Moon, and my ever present guiding light.

Nov. 16th, 1929 ~ July 11th, 2014


wanda miller said...


milca vientos said...

Nuestro mas sentido pesame a ti, tu mama y demas familia. Me imagino que era una persona dulce y buena asi como lo es tu querida madre. Cuanto lo siento. Descanse en paz.

Milca Vientos-Vega

Gloria Martin said...

Thank you my darling Wanda. You would have loved her. Y Milca, Gracias por Los sentimientos tan bonitos. Ahora
Ella esta descansando verdaderamente,

GlorV1 said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you hugs. ::hugs::

Gloria Martin said...

Thank you dear GloriaV. You are a love.