I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas

I was so excited to find the "embrace the face" challenge, that I immediately signed the guest book without reading all of the instructions, and so uploaded incorrectly. Oooops!!! My apologies.
I will do my best to submit an appropriate "FACE" for the month of December. The theme is white. I can't wait to get started.
I've always loved sketching and painting faces, so this will be tremendous fun for me. I'm so grateful to all of you bloggers/artisans. Not only do you provide incentive, but you generate so much creative energy for the rest of us.
Thank you all so much.


Jo Wholohan said...

thanks so much for participating, hope to see you in future months xx

Bobbi Lewin said...

there must be something about once we pass a certain age we forget how to read instructions. I signed the guestbook before reading the instructions also!

I am enjoying your blog. you have some interesting insights on the artistic process.