getting to know you (sing along, for those of you old enough to remember this tune, GREG)

 A self portrait...............self explanatory...........I hope.
Well understood by my artisan friends and family. All of whom are only too familiar, in the deepest sense, that creating opens up a wellspring of every emotion known to man ~ since the beginning of time.
Below you'll find my self portrait, along with a comment from such a friend, clearly expression, even better than I can ;)

"i love this sketch, Gloria... we all have darkness and light inside of us... taken together this is what makes us whole... and the truth is... there IS angst, struggle, frustration, fear, and sadness right alongside the optimism, brightness, and joy... and at any one time we take a snapshot of ourselves in self portrait we have an opportunity to ...  get to know all those parts of ourselves and each other that much better... what a wonderful thing!... i welcome all those parts of you... this is beautifully done... i'm very glad to be getting to know more of you... :)"

Joanne...I hope you don't mind.  It's just that we relate so well, in words, and in pictures. Thank you for that.

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soraya nulliah said...

dear Barefoot Muse-thanks for stopping by my blog! I really LOVE this portrait -there is s o much character, angst, emotion in her face. That's one of the things I wanted to get out of Mist's class-to become more vulnerable in my art. I think you are in the third week-I just started. Great work you are doing!