Mystic Circle

That's the title I'm going to give this piece.  First off.......that's how I feel about this group of artisans that I'm taking this journey with.  There is so much energy, creativity, passion and goodwill going around... I can't quite put it into words, so I'll put it into heART work.
She is my interpretation of "The head of a young girl" by William Adolph Bouguereau.  I've taken the liberty of adding a represent the spirituality of speaking through art, and the unity and new friendships established in this circle of tremendous talent.
                                      Here is the sketch.  Tomorrow I'll paint.......using acrylics.
                                                   Mystic circle

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wanda miller said...

beautiful words here gloria! and well said about the group. it would be so much fun to be with everyone in person...can't have it all, eh?
i just now posted on my blog that, that is where i am going to post from now on. if you read it, you'll probably get where i'm coming from. (i promise you do not have to reply at all to it)
i thought about posting my blog address with misty's permission, letting others know, but it seems too burgeois of me, for more than one reason.
i laughed right out loud over your play on words with "shiva", quite clever!! xoxoxo