Love these rainy days

Today I've spent the entire day home, and what did I do?????  Played on Pinterest.  At least I managed a small sketch just to flex my muscle, but the brain still remains comatose, refusing to help me paint.'s the sketch I did.  (can't waste an entire day creatively avoiding the canvas:-)

It is based on Picasso's "Francoise Gilot."

Now, time for dinner, a sip(s) of red wine..............then maybe........maybe..............I'll attempt to add some color to this glorious, relaxing, rainy day!


Michellem said...

That is, hands down, one of my most favorite Picasso sketches! LOVE your take on it!

Gloria Martin said...

Thanks glo!

Gloria Martin said...

Thank you very much Michellem. It's one of my favorites as well. I love Picasso's drawings. Very emotive with such simple lines.