Red it is!!!!
The title..."FUEGO".
but a good, purposeful fire.
Fired up, burning passion.
Another way to look at it, and as believed by the chinese (please don't quote me, I'm not sure, just think I remember something like this in the back of my mind)
"Baptism of fire" is a burning away of the bad, and restoring purity back into our lives.
All I know is that I had a million thoughts running through my head when I started this piece, and half way through, they had all melted away.


s.l.greek said...

hi gloria-
not sure if you receive a note from jo or not-

she responded to my post asking about embrace the face, saying that she had to many other commitments to continue monitoring the the site. someone also hack into it so decided not to move forward with it. not a techie so not sure what that means.

so there you have it. sorry to see that one go...

btw-loving your journal work, keep it up- sheree

Gloria Martin said...
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Pattio said...

Whoa! love this piece! Wicked energy! I really like your yellow page too with the face sectioned off. very interesting. I am really enjoying all of your work, very inspiring. I am really digging Misty's challenge too. Its making January much more fun!