Great Expectations

Well, although the "embracetheface" theme has not been officially announced for January, it appears that "grow" has won the challenge, by a very slight margin.
Last month, a talented artist, S L Greek, contributed her artwork to the blog, and it brought to mind a piece I had done in the past, but never shared with anyone other than the recipient; a new mommy.

In the original painting, the background sky is a much lighter variation of blues, but I decided to change the scanned image with a "paint" program in order to create a darker, star filled night.
So it is now (slightly) redone with digital enhancement. That's my new thing!
I will be using my painting of "evening moon" as my "face"contribution for the "grow" theme on Embrace the Face for January 09. I hope you stop by.

P.S. I'm dreaming of entering the 21st century by learning Photoshop. Then I'll really be over the moon ;-)


s.l.greek said...

what a great moon painting! i love it. and i too am moving into the 21st century trying to learn photoshop and illustrator. here's to teaching old dogs new tricks-cheers! ps-thanks for the compliment about my work-sheree

sticker said...
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Fadas de Luz said...

Adorei seu blog. Parabéns.