This piece was intended to be a bright and cheerful WHITE, something else entirely!! But we all know how these things go. They seem to have a mind of their own, or at least a part of OUR own mind that we are not aware of. The female image here is a rubber stamped image, I think from 100 Proof Press. I then used a graphite pencil to outline and shade, white paint, lace, paper, etc. etc., oh and the frame is an actual picture frame that I painted and aged. The windows on the frame I think lend a bit more to the story. She "thinks" no one can see.

Anyway...I know that todays journal is telling me something that I was not consciously thinking about. Well, off to ponder that.

I'm back, and it didn't take more than a second after scanning this piece for me to realize what I was trying to tell myself....
...SELF...take this little piece of art work you've just completed, and place it directly on YOUR refrigerator door. ASAP!!!!!! :o(

PS. I know the scan is lousy. From here on in I'm going to have to learn how to take good digital photo's and upload those instead of direct scanning. My colors are not showing up as they should, and the light from the scanner casts bluish shades onto everything.


idam-na-mamaha said...

its really amazing artwork coupled with wonderful photography.
I appreciate your creativity.

Nicole Austin said...

oh my goodness, this is awesome! i really like the hinged doors!