I've been tagged by Wanda, and I must tell at least 10 things about myself that most people don't know.
Here goes......

1. My favorite place to be is in the mountains of North Carolina, no matter what the season is.
2. I can cry at the sight of fireflies twinkling at night-from the sheer awe of it.
3. A child's laughter is my favorite sound.
4. I don't really enjoy eating out, especially at snobby, trendy restaurants.
5. Puppy breath is my favorite scent. I wish they bottled it.
6. I love to drive....FAST!!! Especially while listening to very good, very loud music.
7. I want an RV.
8. Yes...I am a barefoot gypsy at heART.
9. I cut my own hair.
10. I prefer going to the beach at sunset, but again...give me the mountains anytime.


jgr said...

Hi Gloria,
Thank you for sharing 10 things. I am the same - Mountains in NC are my favorite place! Fortunately they are not far from us. (GA).
Yes, I encourage you to 'play' with your alc. inks.
They work best on shiny paper/ card stock. They are FUN!


wanda miller said...

yay gloria! i have seen fireflies for the first time in my life, june in Panama. i thought i would die before ever experiencing them. so very magical! as are our tears. love, wanda